Volunteer Recognition


Mike Finecey


Counseling Ministry

While attending school in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Counseling, Mike Finecey visited a substance abuse recovery exposition. The Franciscan Renewal Center was one of the exhibitors. Judith McHale, Director of Counseling for the center, talked to him about the all-volunteer counseling program at the Franciscan Renewal Center. He was intrigued by the idea of serving others and decided to give his time and talent to the community.

For the past eight years Mike, has volunteered as a therapist in the Counseling Ministry which satisfies his dedication to care for others. Mike has not walked this path alone. His friend Navarro, a Labrador Retriever, is his traveling companion. Navarro also volunteers at the Casa along with Mike as a calming presence to all who come.

The Franciscan Renewal Center is a place of spiritual growth, healing and transformation, and service to others. Mike serves the community with dedication and compassion.

We sincerely thank Mike Finecey for his dedication to our mission. Mike, we wish you abundant blessings, peace and all good.

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