Volunteer Recognition


Judy Angulo


Volunteer Placement Specialist

The Franciscan Renewal Center (The Casa de Paz y Bien) has been part of Judy’s life in one way or another since she was a teenager. Her husband Rudy proposed to her on the beautiful grounds 34 years ago. The Angulo family has celebrated many of life’s special events at The Casa. Now, she is a vital part of the Volunteer Services Department.

In 2015 a serious accident caused a major interruption to Judy and her husband Rudy’s life. After recovering from her injuries, Judy realized that this major interruption was an opportunity to make a greater contribution to her faith community. She contacted Pat Bennier, Director of Volunteer Services at the Renewal Center and offered her assistance.

A career in Human Resources and her interest in meeting people has prepared Judy for her work as a Volunteer Placement Specialist. As a vital member of the Volunteer Services team, Judy meets with individuals who are interested in volunteering. Judy relies on her excellent listening skills, her experience in leadership training and her intuition to insure the proper placement of volunteers. She strives to find just the right place where a person can find joy and fulfillment in their volunteer position.

Judy, on behalf of the many volunteers that you have guided to a meaningful volunteer position, we sincerely thank you for your commitment to our community members. Because of you, we are enriching the lives of our volunteers while they offer their time and talent to the Franciscan Renewal Center.

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