Volunteer Recognition


Bobby Rock

Park County Animal Shelter

Shelter Promoter

Bobby is a radio deejay, so when he contacted us 3 years ago for a program to be called "Diamond in the Ruff and Purrfect Paws" we were excited to work together.

For the last 3 years, we took an animal to the radio station every Thursday. There we talked with Bobby about what kind of home would be best for that animal, any future events, and any current needs of the shelter. He was always very helpful about sharing our information through his Facebook page, and getting us as much publicity as possible. Currently, Bobby is no longer with the radio station, but in his free time comes to the shelter as often as he can for a "Facebook Live" event! This gives us the opportunity to broadcast live video of current animals at the shelter, and we can still get the word out about goings-on at the shelter!

The amount of publicity that the shelter has gotten with Bobby's help has aided us in so many ways. We've found homes for countless animals, received donations such as washing machines, screen doors, and so much more through his programs and his outreach.

Bobby, thank you for all you do for the shelter! You're able to connect us with a much bigger audience, and an audience that is most likely to get involved! You're always looking for ways to promote the shelter and responsible pet ownership, and we appreciate your dedication to our cause!

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