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Celebrate Volunteers is a new innovative tool to thank and appreciate volunteers in a personalized and meaningful way.

  • Honors volunteers in the online showcase
  • Shines a spotlight on volunteers
  • Highlights the achievements of volunteers
  • Inspires others to volunteer
  • Recognizes volunteers and the difference they make
  • Focuses on positive people and positive actions
  • Promotes organizations that value volunteers
  • Promotes corporations that support volunteerism
  • Appreciates all volunteers
  • Shares the story of the people who volunteer and volunteerism
  • Celebrates volunteers for who they are and the impact of their service
  • Promotes volunteerism

Celebrate Volunteers is also a source of inspiration in all things recognition.

  • A resource to encourage and enhance the recognition of volunteers
  • Calendar of recognition opportunities
  • Discussion blog
  • Quarterly online newsletter
  • Educational information and opportunities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Inspires recognition and appreciation

Celebrate Volunteers offers a membership community for those who supervise volunteers and a membership community for volunteers.

  • A community which provides appreciation, honor, thanks, recognition, support, education, information and networking opportunities for supervisors and volunteers
  • A home for those involved in volunteerism which is nurturing, encouraging and supportive
  • A place of respect and understanding, where everyone feels special
  • An opportunity to be part of something positive and joyful
  • Connecting people together for the well-being of all
  • A place of celebration!

You are invited to become part of Celebrate Volunteers.

This innovative tool can be an addition to your current recognition program or the start of new recognition program. It offers the flexibility of recognizing one volunteer, a volunteer every month or all your volunteers; with the opportunity to add thanks and appreciation after the initial recognition.

  • Easy to Use
  • Personalized
  • Meaningful
  • Saves Time
  • Available 24/7
  • Promotes Your Organization
  • Able to publicize volunteer opportunities
  • Tells the story of your volunteer and their impact
  • Cost Effective – Price points for everyone
  • Enhances Volunteer Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Promotes Retention
  • Enhances your professional reputation
  • Online and social
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Honors, appreciates and thanks your volunteers
  • Free 12 month membership in the Celebration Community for Supervisors of Volunteers with multi-recognition package purchase
  • Free 3 month membership in the Celebration Community of Volunteers for your volunteers recognized on Celebrate Volunteers

Recognition is critical to a successful volunteer program. Sharing thanks and appreciation lets your volunteer know that they are valued by you and your organization.

Learn how or go to the Celebrate a Volunteer page and click on Celebrate a Volunteer. Complete the form about your volunteer and you. Choose a package that best fits your needs. It’s that simple.

Hopefully everyone! Your volunteer’s spotlight will be emailed to you to share within your organization, to the volunteer to share with family and friends along with being posted on the Celebrate Volunteers Facebook page and other social media. We will also seek opportunities for local media to share your volunteer’s spotlight as well.

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Celebrate Volunteers provides an online showcase of honor to appreciate and recognize volunteers. It is a spotlight to shine on your volunteer. It is the predominant site for recognizing volunteers and sharing the story of their impact.

Celebrate Volunteers is a community. One community for those who supervise volunteers to receive inspiration and support in their recognition efforts and a community for volunteers to connect with other volunteers and be supported in their volunteer activities.

Celebrate Volunteers is a vibrant site focused on volunteers, volunteerism and recognition.

As a member of the Celebration Community of Volunteers, you will have the opportunity to connect with other volunteers and have access to member-only resources.

As a member your benefits include:

  • Be part of a thriving community which appreciates, honors, thanks, recognizes, nurtures and supports volunteers
  • Connect and network with other volunteers through the Membership Directory
  • Enjoy a place of respect and understanding, where everyone feels special
  • Be a positive inspiration to others
  • Share with other volunteers in the Community Chat Forum for volunteers
  • Learn of events for volunteers in the Events Calendar
  • Access to the Volunteer Resource Information
  • Invitation to Celebrate Volunteers events in your community
  • Email newsletter
  • Be part of something positive and joyful

You are invited to become part of Celebrate Volunteers.

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