The ROI of Real Volunteer Recognition

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The benefits of Celebrate Volunteers are many. This innovative tool can be an addition to your current recognition program or the start of new recognition program. It offers the flexibility of recognizing one volunteer, a volunteer every day, week, or month, all your volunteers, a team of volunteers, or a volunteer group; with the opportunity to add additional thanks and recognition after the initial recognition.

Celebrate Volunteers is personalized, meaningful and real recognition for your volunteers.  Real volunteer recognition provides the greatest impact and the greatest return on your investment (ROI).

Volunteer Program ROI

  • Cost Effective – Price Points for Everyone
  • Time Efficient
  • Easy to Use
  • Available 24/7
  • Environmentally Friendly too!
  • Multiple Opportunities for Recognition
  • Promote Volunteer Opportunities with Link to your Website
  • Welcome Email to New Volunteers and Mention on the CV Website
  • Free 12-month Membership in the Celebration Community for Supervisors of Volunteers with Multi-Recognition Package Purchase
    • Membership Directory of Volunteer Managers
    • Forum to Engage with Other Volunteer Managers
    • Calendar of Recognition Dates
    • Educational Resources
    • Calendar of Educational Opportunities
    • Blog of Recognition Inspiration
    • eNewsletter of Celebration News
    • Additional benefits with Celebrate membership package include consultation and review of your volunteer recognition plan and recognition of you as a leader in volunteer management

Volunteer ROI

  • Honors, Appreciates and Thanks your Volunteers
  • Tells the Story of your Volunteer and their Impact
  • Online and Social
  • Personalized
  • Meaningful
  • Immediate and Timely
  • Enhances Volunteer Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Promotes Retention
  • Increases Service in Hours and Impact
  • Increases Financial Giving
  • Increases Engagement
  • Free Lifetime membership in the Celebration Community of Volunteers for your Volunteers Recognized on Celebrate Volunteers Membership Directory
    • Membership Directory of Volunteers
    • Forum to Engage with Other Volunteers
    • Calendar of Volunteer Related Items
    • Educational Resources
    • Calendar of Educational Opportunities
    • Blog of Volunteerism Inspiration
    • eNewsletter of Celebration News

Organization ROI

  • Promotes Your Organization, its Mission and Community Impact
  • Organization Profile listed on CV Website
  • Enhances Organization Reputation
  • Increased Impact from Volunteers in Significance and Hours
  • Increased Donations
  • Honor and Celebrate membership packages include Recognition of your Organization on the CV website

Now is the time to provide your volunteers with real recognition.  Join today and begin seeing the impact of real volunteer recognition.  Your volunteers will thank you with increased satisfaction, retention, service and financial giving.





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