Make Summer Fun Again!

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In our childhood, we learn that summer is a time for play and fun.  We looked forward to summer vacation. It was a time to take a break from our studies and from learning.  It was a time of joy.

As an adult, summer is not much different than the rest of the year.  We may fit in a vacation and some time to play, but our work routine usually doesn’t change much.  Summer often passes with barely an acknowledgement.

Wouldn’t it be great if we changed things up and took time to take some to rejuvenate?  As a volunteer manager, it is so important to take time to rejuvenate.  But what does rejuvenate mean to you?  Is it a time to rest and relax?  Is it a time to clear the cobwebs and the clutter?  Is it time to become inspired?  Is it time to learn and grow?

What if there was a way to do all of that this summer?  Well, there is!  Attending a professional conference is a great way to rejuvenate; personally and professionally. It provides an opportunity to clear the cobwebs and clutter from your mind, to become inspired again, to learn and grow in your knowledge and skills, to network with your colleagues and to rest, relax and play by taking a break from the normal routine.

Attending a professional conference will stimulate your goals and ambitions.  You will gain new information, new ideas and reminders of what you know already.  You will hear leaders in volunteer management sharing their expertise.  You may discover just the right piece of information to move your program and/or your career to the next level.  You may find the perfect vendor for that service for which you’ve been looking.  You may a meet a mentor or a new friend who will be part of your life for years to come.  Imagine all the great possibilities that could happen, if you attend a professional conference.

A professional conference will be a great addition to your summer and you’re in luck.  There is a professional volunteer management conference in July!  The National Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership.   The Summit will be held July 26-28 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Advance your own knowledge and skills while helping to discover how, volunteer managers can build a new national presence for leaders of volunteer engagement, tackle the issues that affect their work, and ultimately improve community impact. 


National Summit highlights include:

  • More than 100 breakout sessions to increase your own professional development, taught by experts in the field.
  • A variety of innovative approaches to learning and collaborating from electronic polling and graphic facilitation to improv comedy and Open Space technology!
  • A series of national strategy sessions tackling five specific challenges we face as professionals. These will be highly structured conversations designed to yield a few attainable and impactful strategies that can be implemented at the local, state, and/or national levels.
  • Special sessions focusing on philanthropic organizations which support volunteer engagement in nonprofits, providing a unique opportunity for funders and nonprofit leaders alike to learn more about each other’s perspectives, approaches to collaboration, and challenges.
  • There will be a volunteer management bookstore on-site for all 3 days of the conference!
  • Evening entertainment, endless networking opportunities, and more!


Take some time to rejuvenate this summer!  Invest in yourself.  It will serve you throughout the year.  Recapture the joy of the summers of your youth.   To learn more and to register, follow the link.


If you’re not sure how you can afford to go to a professional conference.  Listen to Susan Ellis for tips on how to make it a reality you can’t miss!

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