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Your source for inspiration and innovation in volunteer recognition

Our Mission

  • Inspire leaders of volunteers to celebrate and honor their volunteers and their accomplishments
  • Recognize volunteers and the positive impact of their service on the online showcase
  • Motivate people to volunteer and be of service
  • Promote organizations and corporations who value volunteerism

Celebrate Volunteers promotes the belief that people who generously donate their time and talents contribute an invaluable service deserving of recognition, thanks and appreciation.

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Our Values

  • Value the Person:  Treat all with respect and celebrate the diversity, individuality, and uniqueness of each person
  • Support and Delight Customers:  Build positive supportive relationships through responsive communication
  • Provide Quality Innovative Services:  Exceed the customer’s needs in a reliable manner
  • Act with Integrity:  Always honest, empathetic, generous and accountable
  • Strive to be Our Best:  Learn new things, be creative, continually improve, embrace change and grow
  • Be Socially Responsible:  Be compassionate, fair, service-minded, environmental responsible, supportive of local businesses and organizations
  • Focus on the Positive:  Seek opportunities, be optimistic, share joy, be grateful, have fun and celebrate always

Our History

Linda Llewellyn

Linda Llewellyn, Founder

Hi! I’m Linda Llewellyn, the founder of Celebrate Volunteers. I was inspired to create Celebrate Volunteers after working with thousands of volunteers over twenty plus years. They bring their talents, experience, and unique qualities to volunteering along with an undeniable spirit of wanting to help others. I was blessed with the opportunity to know so many great volunteers. What I valued so much was each person and the unique way they accomplished a meaningful impact in the life of another. Celebrate Volunteers is a way to honor and share the story of volunteers, who accomplish anything and everything, while inspiring others. Thank you to all the outstanding volunteers for your service and to all those who work with volunteers for sharing their story and appreciating their efforts.

Contact Information

Our Supporters

I am so grateful for the love, support, and collaboration received from family and friends. Special thanks, appreciation and hugs to:

  • Michael Busick, my loving supportive husband
  • Lynda Brown
  • Tamara Brown
  • Jim and Rosemary Busick
  • Steve and Linda Busick
  • Bill Chartrand
  • Kelly Ettenborough
  • Kimber Lanning
  • Jim and Renate Llewellyn
  • Katherine Metcalf
  • Joe O'Hagan
  • Edgar Olivo
  • Nick Patel
  • Christina Plante
  • Kylene Price
  • Dana Schnebelt
  • Vicky Shorf
  • Debbie Wagner
  • And...
  • Chester Llewellyn, my grandfather, who has made Celebrate Volunteers possible by his never ending love, support and beautiful garden where he taught me to "smell the roses"

I was also blessed with the talented work of outstanding professionals.:

Deborah Jacobs Common Good Web Design
Denise Duval Denise Duval Design and Illustration
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Inspiration from nature: Is it for the birds or not?

For the past two weeks, I have been watching a bird in my back yard while I drink my morning coffee.  At first, I thought it was just one of the pesky birds waiting for me to go inside so it could enjoy the cat food in the automatic feeder set out for the feral kitties who live in our back yard.  Over a couple of days, I noticed a pattern to this bird’s activities that didn’t have anything to do with cat food.  This bird was building a nest in the Ficus tree.

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Top 3 Reasons to Recognize Your Volunteers after National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week 2017 is behind us, but don’t think that means you can stop recognizing your volunteers. With a focus on volunteer recognition during National Volunteer Week, it gives the impression that once the week is over, volunteer recognition is no longer necessary.  This can’t be further from the truth.  Let’s explore the top three reasons that you need to continue recognizing your volunteers after National Volunteer Week.

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Nobody Needs Another Frickin Keychain!

April is home to National Volunteer Week April 23rd - 29th.  It is a time when our attention focuses on volunteers.  It is a time to recognize and celebrate volunteers for their generous and impactful service performed throughout the year.  So what makes for a great recognition for volunteers?

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